Craft Beer

Craft Beer

Gottberg Brewery & Pub


The Brewery

We focus on quality not quantity, brewing small batches of hand-crafted beers and sodas.  On our taps you will find a changing selection of lagers and ales, along with our popular Root beer and Red Cream Sodas made with pure cane sugar.  All available by the pint, 64 ounce growler, or keg.  Scroll down to see our current selection, along with keg and growler pricing.



Our Home

Gottberg Brew Pub

The unique design of the Gottberg Brew Pub reflects the areas agricultural background, with its tractor seat bar stools, copper top tables, and grain bin ceiling. A casual atmosphere open seven days a week for lunch and dinner, offering sandwiches to steaks, or salads to seafood.  Located in the same building as Dusters Restaurant and serving the same great food, in a rustic and historic setting.

Fresh on tap

Freshly Brewed

Our On Tap Beers


All American Premium Lager
Straw yellow in color, a top fermented lager that has a light body and a clean finish. A refreshing beer that is smooth on the palate that you can compare to your favorite premium domestic. Pairs well with pretty much everything. 5.0% ABV


Oatmeal Stout
This medium to heavy bodied stout has a smooth mouth feel from oats added to the mash early in the brewing process with a slight hop finish. Dark in color, don’t let this beer intimidate, hints of coffee and chocolate aroma. Try this with our prime rib or a French onion steak sandwich. 5.0% ABV


Platte River Pale Ale
American style pale ale has strong citrus notes in the aroma and flavor from the Columbus, Cascade, and Simicoe hop varieties, added 3 different times during the brewing process. A very drinkable beer and a great thirst quencher that pairs well with spicy dishes and chocolate. 4.7% ABV 45 IBU’s


Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen
A German style wheat beer that has a cloudy appearance and a light aroma of bananas and cloves, although no fruit or spices were harmed in the making of this beer. German tradition leaves the special yeast used in the beer for its health benefits. Try with a salad, grilled fish or chicken. 4.4% ABV


Hop Soup IPA
A medium bodied ale with a generous portion of Columbus, Cascade, Legacy, Falconer’s Flight hops added five times throughout the brewing process and once more dry hopped after fermentation. Flavorful with hints of grapefruit and citrus character. See what you think. 5.2% ABV 65 IBU’s


Grapefruit and Ginger Kolsch
A clean and crisp summer drinker with a light background of flavors from the grapefruit peel and grated ginger root added at the tail end of the boil.  A light bodied German ale that is fermented in warmer temperatures the cold conditioned, small batches and freshness is the key to this style.  Tastes like summer.  4.7% ABV


Apricot Ale
A medium bodied ale that is smooth and refreshing on the palate.  Hints of fresh apricot aroma to start and then again just a subtle taste at the finish.  A perfect late summer drinker that pairs well with chicken, pork, or salads.  4.2% ABV


German Pils
A bottom fermented summer brew with a light body and gold color. Pilsen malt and Hallertauer hops contribute to the crisp flavor with a hint of malt in the front and a slight lingering hop finish at the end. The German variation of a clean, smooth Premium American lager, try it side by side with our All-American to experience how a similar style can vary slightly by region. 4.4% ABV


The Forgotten Old Fashioned Soda Pop
Before corn syrup and other additives, sodas had a clean crisp flavor. Mineral-free water, pure cane sugar and authentic taste made in small batches. Gottberg brewery proudly follows these simple guidelines when we produce our Rootbeer, Grape, Ginger Ale, and Red Cream Sodas. Flavorful and smooth, caffeine free, and very refreshing. Try one today, available by the pint, keg, or in one of our refillable half gallon growlers.



Keg Pricing & Afternoon club

Happy Hour

Gottberg Afternoon Club

Welcome to the Gottberg Afternoon Club

$2 craft brews available in the Gottberg Brew Pub Only from 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Welcome to our version of the “Happy Hour”. Sit back and enjoy by ordering your regular Gottberg favorite or trying something new. Either way, you are about to join one most flavorful clubs around!!



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